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System Components



The man-rated trolleys provide continuous horizontal mobility on an overhead Trolley Rail Fall Protection System!



Self Retracting Lifelines

These lifelines extend and retract enabling the user to move around within a desired working area at normal speeds.



Fall Protection Harnesses

We offer a variety of comfortable harnesses for any job requiring fall protection equipment.

"How to Fit Your Harness" is included: Fall Protection Safety Training Packet


Truss - Beam - Cable

Either a beam, beam on a truss, cable or a single Anchorage point is needed in every fall protection system.


Other Components

Accessories and other necessary components that enable a Fall Protection System to function



Lifeline Recertifications

Recertification Program is available as a cost effective solution for shocked/damaged Self Retracting Lifelines

Red Indicator when SRL has been "shocked"; replacement necessary!