3 Man Swiveling Roof Anchor for Wood Roofs

swiveling roof anchor wood roof

  • Each anchor point swivels 360 degrees for maximum freedom of movement and worker productivity
  • Unique load distributing and shock absorbing design reduces the overall stress on the roof during a fall
  • Fast, simple and safe installation, requiring only four fasteners per foot to mount
  • Versatile design incorporates four articulating feet fitting multiple wood roof pitches from 4-12 to 12-12.
  • Lightweight (only 39 lbs) and collapsible design makes transporting, set-up, dismantle and storage quick and easy
  • Meets OSHA for up to 3 users, and ANSI requirements for one user.


Continuous Protection and Mobility This roof anchor provides 360 degrees of protection and mobility for up to three workers. With three independent and rotating anchor points elevated off the roof deck, it is ideal for use with self retracting lifelines (SRL's). The SRL's lifeline extends as the worker moves away, and automatically retracts as the worker moves towards the device providing complete "hands-free" mobility while reducing snagging, dragging and trip-fall hazards. In the event of a fall, the SRL locks quickly reducing overall fall clearances and forces for added safety. With variable length SRL's available, a multiple user rated anchor and 360 degrees of mobility, this system is simply the ultimate in roofing safety and productivity!

Fast and Efficient Installation The 3-man roof anchor sets-up in only minutes. The unit is expanded from its storage/collapsed position, then the legs and anchorage mast are pinned into place. Finally, the roof anchor is fastened down through the wood sheathing and into the trusses using sixteen 3-1/2" #8 deck screws (4 screws per foot). The anchor's integrated articulating feet allow it to be mounted to a range of pitched wood roof structures from 4-12 to 12-12. Removal of the anchor is just as quick, and its compact storage design makes transport and relocation easy.

Load Distributing Design With a unique load distributing and shock absorbing design that deforms in the event of a fall, the anchor will help dissipate the energy from the fall evenly to the roof, reducing the chance of damage to the roof structure. This design also reduces the number of fasteners required (four per foot) to install the anchor to the roof, saving valuable time! Incorporates 3 independent anchorage points for simultaneous use by 3 workers for added jobsite versatility.

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