About Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Systems (FPS) is the leading provider of fall protection equipment in the nation. We are dedicated to the safety of the American workforce and providing user-friendly, regulatory compliant solutions at an affordable price.

We led the industry to the rigid rail fall protection standard over 20 years ago. Trolley beams are the most effective fall protection & deliver the safest fall arrest. The FPS Patented TD3 truss allows for greater spans in between support columns reducing both the costs and the footprint of the system at your facility.

Whether outdoor or indoor, FPS will engineer and install a fall protection system for any work at height operation you may have. Our turnkey systems provide the greatest mobility while keeping your workers safe from fall injuries.

FPS will partner with you to assess your work site to identify and secure all fall hazards. Fall prevention solutions protect your workers from hazards including stairway openings, ladderway openings, elevated walkways or platforms, or working on ladders.


With well over 10,000 customers served, our team of fall protection specialists, engineers, and certified technicians are experts in turnkey experiences including identifying, designing, manufacturing, and installing fall protection solutions. You can be assured your solution distinctly matches your facility and operation needs and is designed for the highest level of fall safety. 


Our Fall Protection Specialist will come onsite to understand your business operations and facility, help you identify fall hazards, and take measurements that will be shared with our in-house design and engineering team. 


FPS has an in-house team of professional engineers working exclusively on fall protection. Our engineers use the latest 3D modeling software to create site-specific fall protection systems. Their experience and competency make them experts in custom application solutions including extended coverage, curved track or radius, and attachment to existing structures. Fall Protection Systems can be PE Sealed upon request. 


Our certified technicians are available to perform complete installations - from the boring of the footing holes, placing concrete, erecting support columns, to laser leveling of the trolley beam assembly. *US Only


Fall Protection Systems stands behind the quality of our products and installations. Our 5-year warranty is the best in the industry. 


We are with you through the decades of service our systems will provide. Our certified inspection technicians will thoroughly evaluate your fall protection system, perform torque & bolt maintenance, and provide a certified inspection and evaluation report for your records.