Aircraft Information & Experience

Universal Solution

Your fall protection requirements can be met 95% of the time with our turnkey trolley-rail system. Our fully dedicated staff of engineers works with you using videos, photos, and drawings of your facility to generate a 3-D model of your future fall protection system. Because our systems are turnkey systems, the turnaround time from when you place your order to when your system is ready to use is very short. The majority of our system can be installed as one continuous piece of rail offering an uninterrupted path to work along.

Hangar Applications

FPS looks to save you money with its fully customizable hangar applications. One way we generate cost savings is by connecting our fall protection systems to existing support structures within hangars and other aeronautical facilities. Instead of installing brand new, and potentially expensive, support columns, we can couple our trolley rail systems to your existing roof support. The finished product is a highly work-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and very secure overhead fall protection system.

Customized Engineering

Our fall protection systems are custom-engineered to fit into, and around, the existing structure's features, without any compromise of function. Previously installed heaters, condensation pipes, duct work and sprinkler systems are left fully functional and in place. This minimizes operational disruption, secondary re-positioning, and installation time.

Continuous Coverage

Not having to detach and reattach lifelines allows for safer use. There is no point at which the end user is not attached to the system. FPS can provide continuous coverage from the beginning of the fuselage to the tip of the rear stabilizer on large aircraft.

Expandable Solutions

Additional fall protection can be added at any time, either by installation of new systems or extension of an existing system.

Wash Racks

Indoor hangar applications are not the only fall protection systems we offer. FPS has engineered outdoor systems consisting of but not limited to 120 ft. spans of trolley-rail fall protection to be used when working on top of aircraft on the tarmac. This may include spontaneous maintenance or simple regular aircraft washing. This system can cover the wingspan of most aircraft from tip to tip giving total protection from falls during tarmac operations.