AR-Series Fixed Fall Protection Kit


  • 20' - 40' - 60' Coverage Options
  • Full System Components
  • Includes Access Platform, Staircase, and Gangway
  • Professionally Engineered
  • Step by Step Easy Installation Instructions
  • Complete Training Materials
  • 5 Year Full Warranty
  • 1 Complete User Set (includes: Trolley, Carabiner, Self-Retracting Lifeline, & Safety Harness)

The AR-Series Fall Protection Systems are designed to work in a variety of applications (for example truck tarping, truck or rail hatch opening/closing, rail loading/unloading, maintenance of machinery or vehicles, ... etc.). All systems include an AR1-P Vehicle Access System with: 3' x 5' Work Platform, Staircase, Handrail, and Counterbalanced Gangway.

The AR-1SPH System include all the features of the AR1-P Vehicle Access System plus a Vertical Support Column with a Single Anchor Point and Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL).

The Fall Protection AR-20, AR-40 and AR-60 Systems include all the features of the AR1-P Vehicle Access System plus a patented Integrated Truss-supported Trolley Rail Style Fall Protection System. All three models include only one heavy duty Vertical Support Column while providing a low cost solution to many smaller plant locations.

Complies with all OSHA, MSHA, ANSI, and CSA fall protection requirements.

Sample General Arrangement

  • Model | Coverage Dim.
  • AR20 | 29'L x 10'W x 28'H
  • AR40 | 50'L x 10'W x 28'H
  • AR60 | 64'L x 10'W x 28'H

Rated For Two Users
*Assembly Required