Barge & Marine Fall Protection

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Barge & marine workers are exposed to fall hazards in nearly all of their daily operations. The fall risks encountered are common for many industries but are heightened as any fall could put your worker into the moving water below making rescue even more difficult. The complexity of floating vessels and shore-based facilities with moving currents, fluctuating water levels, and a variety of pier and dolphin structures can make fall protection installation difficult. FPS introduced a complete trolley rail style fall tethering system for these applications and has been providing custom-engineered solutions for barge and marine sites for over 20 years. We also offer a Barge Rope Kit for cost-effective and quickly installed fall protection.

FPS led the industry to the overhead rigid rail fall protection standard. Whether indoor or outdoor, permanent or portable, overhead rigid rail fall protection systems provide the highest degree of mobility and safety in fall protection. The FPS Patented TD3 truss allows for greater spans in between support columns reducing both the costs and the footprint of the system at your facility.


FPS is your partner for everything fall protection. Our fall protection specialist will work with you to identify and secure all fall hazards at your facility. In addition to overhead rigid rail, our fall prevention solutions include safe access to reach at-height operations or when maneuvering around industrial equipment. Contact us for a site evaluation and let us help you secure your facility.


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OSHA requires that employers protect workers from fall hazards along unprotected sides or edges that are at least 4 feet above a lower level. Barge and marine operations expose workers to many of these fall hazards. Take a look at the OSHA Deck Barge Safety Guide to understand your exposures. 

Loading and unloading operations may expose workers to open hatches, swing & swivel spouts, and at height working over water. Maneuvering over uneven surfaces, especially on floating vessels, increase operations conducive to falls. Repair, maintenance, and inspection facilities expose workers to a variety of hazards including working at heights, open edge exposure, and industrial equipment maneuvering. FPS can provide customized solutions for any of these fall hazard exposures. 

Take a look at the ease of use and worker mobility while utilizing FPS barge rope system:

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