Barge & Marine

Fall Protection Systems addresses the fall protection needs for the barge and marine industries with multiple fall protection products available.

Marine Fall Protection occurs at barge loading and unloading sites, typically at riverfront locations with dock accessing facilities. These sites typically include piers or dolphins located along the water's edge; at these positions, the moored barges are processed via various methods and available technologies (cranes and/or conveyance systems are common). Fall tethering is necessary to protect barge loading personnel from falls both into the barges as well as falls into the water.

  • Barge/Marine Loading / Unloading
  • Total Barge Coverage
  • High Current Rivers
  • Fluctuating Water Elevations
  • Free Site Evaluation
  • Engineered Systems
  • Full 5 Year Warranty
  • Expandable Capacity
  • Existing Site Docks, Piers, Dolphins
  • On-Shore River Banks
  • Existing Load Spouts/Conveyors
  • Nationwide Coverage

NEW Barge Rope System

FPS is Proud to introduce the New Barge Rope Safety System for marines fall protection. 

Check out the video and click here to download the flyer now!

Click here to download the high resolution version.

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