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New Technology: Smart Lock Connected SRL

The 3M Smart Lock Connected SRL is the first digitally connected SRL in the fall protection industry. Brake event notifications are sent via mobile web app services. Additional features include a service light and time stamped usage data to confirm how and when it was used.

Full Features

Now you can quickly make smart inventory management decisions using remote monitoring technology and the integrated Connected Safety RFID tag. All of this, available in one rugged, ergonomic SRL. 

  • The first digitally connected SRL in the fall protection industry
  • Brake event notifications sent via the mobile/web app, and a service light on the SRL, help improve incident reporting and response
  • Time stamped usage data (extensions, pawl locks, brake events) can help confirm when and how the SRL has been used
  • Get equipment status and usage statistics from multiple SRLs to enhance inventory management
  • Patented magnetic retraction control system allows lifeline to retract smoothly and hands free
  • Patented dual label system located within ergonomic cable handle simplifies inspections and reduces the need for replacement
  • 4 ft. fall clearance allows workers up to 310 lbs. to meet OSHA’s 1910.140 general …
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Guardrail Warehouse Barriers

A new take on an existing product from Fall Protection Systems. Guardrail warehouse barriers are available to prevent machinery collisions. These easy to assemble guardrail systems can be used to protect:

  • Walls
  • Corners
  • Racking Units
  • Posts
  • Pipes

This guardrail is sold as a kit option and can be used both indoor and outdoor in hot dip galvanized steel and powder coated in yellow for higher visibility.

Other advantages of this fully modular system is that they are easy to put together and even re-configure if needed. Should any part become damaged it is easily replaceable.

To learn more about these systems or receive pricing contact us at 888-596-5367!

New Fall Protection Anchorage

The 3M DBI-SALA Mobi-Lok offers new fall protection anchorage versatility. This portable vacuum anchor system can attach to virtually any smooth, no porous surface which enables workers the ability to work safely anywhere needed. Each unit is engineered and rated for fall arrest applications up to 310 pounds, and can also be used for fall restraint for maximum versatility.

With no drilling or welding required for installation there is virtually no impact on productivity with minimal downtime. Portability is an added feature allowing workers to easily move anchorage points as needed for different coverage areas.

Mobi-Lok Used in Tank Farm Applications

All Mobi-Lok models are OSHA, CE and AS/NZS compliant. There is a comprehensive backup system as well. If there is any compression lost on the seal, an audio alarm will sound to notify the user to check the vacuum seal.

Two units can be used together to create a horizontal lifeline across a wider span. This creates a continuous anchorage point for up to two users to work simultaneously. The versatility of this product makes it an excellent …
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New Product: EdgeSafe Smart Gate

Improve employee and customer safety the smart way by utilizing the EdgeSafe™ Smart Gate from PS Safety Access™ in your facility. Customizable to fit your specific application, our smart gate is ideal for crowd control where forklift traffic (or other machinery traffic) is present. Start improving your walkway safety today with the EdgeSafe Smart Gate.

EdgeSafe Smart Gate Benefits

  • Safety That Pays – The EdgeSafe Smart Gate keeps your team safe while keeping your facilityrunning efficiently
  • Flexible Sizing – Gate systems from 48″ – 108″ clear opening widths
  • Easy Operation – Counterbalanced design makes it easy for one person to operate the gate smoothly with just one hand
  • No Slamming – A unique dampening system keeps the gate from closing hard, and the damper is specially mounted high up to prevent it from becoming damaged
  • Lifts Out Of The Way – The gate lifts vertically 90 degrees (without pinch points), giving access to the restricted/protected area
  • Built To Last – Heavy-gauge steel and a powder coat yellow finish make it ideal for repetitive use
  • Ships via FedEx or UPS – Once assembled, simply bolts to existing floor or concrete

Download Materials …
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Product Highlight Roofer Fall Protection Kit

Product highlight roofer fall protection kit from DBI Sala.  Compliance in a Can™ is often imitated, but never matched. Protecta® pioneered the creation of a complete fall protection system available in a convenient container. The success of the original “can” spawned the creation of several variations with different anchorage devices and a light series. The light series includes a harness and some type of shock absorbing lanyard. This approach to fall protection simplifies the buying decision and makes choosing the correct system simple, fast and safe. Our easy to use kits provide the perfect solution and are legendary for their performance, value, quality and safety.

All purpose fall protection kit includes 1191995 FIRST™ harness, 1341001 PRO™ 6 ft. (1.8m) single-leg shock absorbing lanyard and carrying bag.


  • Complete all purpose fall protection system in one handy container
  • Lightweight FIRST™ harness with pass-thru buckle legs and 5-point adjustment (model 1191995)
  • PRO™ 6 ft. (1.8m) single-leg shock absorbing lanyard (model 1341001)
  • Durable nylon carrying bag with handles

DBI-SALA 16 Foot Talon Self Retracting Lifeline

DBI-SALA 16 Foot Talon Self Retracting Lifeline Recall & Stop Use

3M Fall Protection has detected a small quantity of DBI-SALA® 16 Ft. Talon™ Self Retracting Lifelines that are defective due to an assembly error. This notice only applies to the 16 ft version of the Talon; no other versions of the Talon are affected by this condition. There have been no reports of fall-related injuries associated with this condition. However, this assembly error would result in the unit not arresting a fall, which could result in serious injury or death.

To remedy this situation, 3M is launching a global Stop Use & Recall Field Service Action to inspect, repair or replace all 16 ft. Talon Self-Retracting Lifelines with lot codes 12092430 through 18062730. Parts produced before or after this lot range are not affected by this notice.  Affected part numbers are: 3101041, 3101045, 3101046, 3101047, 3101048, 3101049, 3101050, 3101050C, 3101051, 3101051B, 3101051C, 3101052 & 3101054.

End-users: Immediately stop using and inspect all 16 ft Talons. If you find an affected 16 ft Talon, take the unit out of …
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Miller DuraSeal Self-Retracting Lifeline – New Product

The new patent-pending Miller DuraSeal Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) is designed to perform in the harshest environments including onshore and offshore oil and gas, mining and petrochemical. The sealed technology, reusable brake system, field replaceable lifeline and corrosion resistant materials keep the product in the field to lower your cost of ownership.

Miller DuraSeal Self-Retracting Lifeline Features

• Prevents contaminants from entering the unit with highest industry rated sealed technology IP69K • Built to last reusable brake design withstands multiple falls • Quick, low cost repair is achieved with field replaceable lifeline • Reduces fatigue and increases productivity with units up to 30% lighter than competitive sealed units • Product service life is extended in the harshest environments with corrosion resistant components

Miller DuraSeal Self-Retracting Lifeline Competitive Advantages

  • Prevents contaminants from entering the unit with highest industry rated sealed technology IP69K.  In addition to meeting IP68, the Miller DuraSeal™ meets IP69K – a more stringent test requiring close range high-pressure/high temperature spray downs. The Miller DuraSeal design entirely seals and protects the brake system, power spring and bearings to …
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Ladder Fall Protection System Requirements

Are you ready to purchase a ladder fall protection system?  Take a moment to review the ladder fall protection system requirements.  This information is required when placing an order for ladder fall protection with FPS. 

  1. Type of material the ladder is made of?
  2. Rung spacing? Center to Center
  3. Shape of rung? Round, Square
  4. Diameter of round rung, width and height if rung is tubular?
  5. Is rung Hollow?
  6. Width of Ladder (center of stringer to center of stringer)? Are the Stringers welded to the tank? Take pics (video) of how stringers are attached.
  7. Does current ladder extend above elevated walk surface? If so, how much above the surface of surface?
  8. Is the top of the ladder walk through, walkover, or walk around?
  9. Does the rope grab need to be detachable?
  10. How many users will need to access the system at one given time? Additional shuttle for each user will be needed.
  11. Ladder height (distance from center of bottom rung to center of top rung)?
  12. Type of ladder FP cable required (galvanized or Stainless Steel)?
  13. Standard extension at the top …
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Miller TurboLite Edge

New Online Store Product: Miller® TurboLite™ Edge Personal Fall Limiters

In work sites of every variety, edges are much more common than people realize – and they pose a greater risk than you’d expect. Without protection designed for edges, traditional lifelines risk being severed. Designed for performance in sharp and smooth edge applications, the Miller TurboLite Edge offers versatility, enhanced user mobility and maximum safety. The TurboLite Edge ensures workers are safe in applications requiring foot-level tie-off or working near edges.

Maximizes versatility for virtually any short-range application

Available in working lengths from 6-ft to 12-ft in twin and single configurations with cable or web lifelines accommodate a wide-range of applications. A variety of connector options including tie-back offer maximum versatility.

Provides protection for a wider range of workers

With a 420-lb (189 kg) weight capacity for all connections down to foot-level, Miller TurboLite™ Edge takes adaptability to new heights.

Miller TurboLite Edge Features

Increases safety Models available for sharp and smooth edges include an integral shock absorber to keep the lifeline intact in the event of a fall over …
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Build Your Own Portable Guardrail Kit

Are you in need of temporary or portable guard rail fall protection?  Whether you are setting up guardrail on the perimeter of a roof or closing off a wall opening, there are unlimited configurations with the FPS Build Your Own portable Guardrail Kit.  These kits are available for sale online and ready in three easy steps.

Portable Guardrail Kit – Step One

The first step is to access your guardrail & fall protection needs.  Ask yourself these questions.  Which areas are hazardous and can lead to potential falls?  How is that area covered and how could guardrail work to keep employees safe?  Take measurements of the area that requires fall protection.  Drawing a diagram with the measurements can be very helpful when you get to step two.

Portable Guardrail Kit – Step Two

The second step is to visit our online store.  Guardrail sections can be found here.  Base assemblies for guardrail can be found here.  Refer back to your diagram or sketch to calculate the distance of guardrail needed and the number of bases.  Guardrail comes in 6ft, …
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