Less than six months ago Apple released the Apple Watch Series 4. This new watch uses fall detection technology to connect users to emergency services if needed.

How It Works

If the watch detects a hard fall while wearing the watch, it will tap the user on the the wrist (haptic), sound an alarm, and display an alert. From the on screen alert, the user can respond to contact emergency services, or dismiss by selecting “Close” or “I’m OK.”

fall detection

The watch has the ability to detect movement. As long as the user is moving after the fall, the operating system will no contact emergency services. However, if the user is immobile for a minute following the fall, it will make the call automatically as well as send a message to emergency contacts stored within the phone with the location of the user and that a hard fall was detected.

Learn more about the Apple Watch fall detection technology here.

Android Technology to Follow

This week Mobvoi announced that the TicWatch S2 & E2 that will feature new health and safety features. It appears that the new software will be available to all TicWatch designs, not just the S2 & E2 once released.

Similar to the Apple Watch, the new safety feature will trigger an alarm when it senses a sudden drop or fall.