Two men worked on a roof without taking the proper safety precautions and utilizing homemade fall protection. There was a photograph of Martin from Milton of Campsie and an employee working on the roof that was reported to the Glasgow Sheriff Court.

homemade fall protection

Martin had slid down a sloping roof to work at the roofs edge, while the employee held onto a piece of webbing strap that was attached to a rope which was connected to a harness worn by Mr. Martin. Neither employee was properly anchored for fall protection coverage. Furthermore, Martin was also observed throwing supplies up to the employee which created an additional drop hazard below the roof. Homemade fall protection is never a safe solution for working at heights.

Upon further investigation it was found that Inex Works had failed to ensure that the subcontractor had properly planned a safe system for working at height as well as using appropriate roof equipment. The fact that Martin wore a harness that was being held by an employee exposed them both to a risk of fall, injury, and even death.

HSE principal inspector, Graeme McMinn said: “The failures that have come to light in this case could have endangered the lives of these workers, and materials being thrown up could have fallen onto the pavement below. “Falls from height remain one of the most common causes of work related fatalities in this country and the risks associated with working at height are well known.”

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