As we ask so many to continue to work each day to provide essential services including food, power, utilities, and distribution, we must continue to do what we can to keep them safe on the job. As pressure mounts and pace increases, so do accidents. Safety is never more important than when we are relying on workers to keep our nation fed, powered, and supplied with necessities.  Fall Protection Systems will continue protecting our essential workers.

Protecting our essential workers
Protecting Our Essential Workers

What Fall Protection Systems can do is continue to provide the critical safety equipment and service that has kept thousands of workers safe from falls while on the job for over 20 years. We continue to work alongside industrial, manufacturing, and distribution workers now and in the future, installing and inspecting fall protection systems and providing the related components that provide fall protection, fall restraint, and fall arrest. 

Fall Protection Systems continues our critical work of securing these dedicated workers from fall hazards.  You can reach our fall protection specialists via email or phone (888-596-5367) during normal business hours. We remain available for planning, budgeting, quotes, and inquiries. We are prepared to complete video surveys or onsite surveys, installations, and inspections in accordance with any guest policies at partner or client facilities.

Let’s stay safe out there together.