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Harness Suspension Trauma

Do you know the importance of having a rescue plan in place?  Harness suspension trauma can be life threatening when a worker sustains a fall.  Educating workers and having a rescue plan in place can prevent this from happening and save lives.  Here are some terms you need to know that related to suspension trauma:

  • Fall Arrest System: A series of equipment components designed to stop the fall of individuals working at heights should they fall.
  • Orthostatic Hypotension: In suspension trauma, this refers to the pooling of blood in the leg veins of a worker that occurs when individuals fall in harnesses, are suspended in confined spaces, etc. and are forced to hang vertically with their legs relaxed (immobilized).
  • Reflow Syndrome: The return of pooled, hypoxic blood and its metabolic byproducts from the extremities to the heart (more about this later).
  • Rescue Death: When related to suspension trauma, this type of death occurs in patients who appear physiologically stable during the rescue and extrication but suddenly die after being freed.
  • Suspension Trauma: Injuries Sustained from being immobilized in a vertical position when the legs are …
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Miller Relief Step Safety Device

Miller Relief Step Safety Device Installation

The Miller Relief Step Safety Device alleviates the effects of orthostatic intolerance, also known as suspension trauma.  When used, the Relief Step™ Safety Device provides support and enhances blood circulation until rescue – permitting the ability to move and flex leg muscles.  The Relief Step™ Safety Device attaches to any brand full-body harness.


  • OSHA states that potentially fatal suspension trauma can occur within minutes while waiting for rescue after a fall
  • Average fall rescue time is 15 minutes
  • Utilizing two (2) Relief Steps (one for each leg/foot) assures greater comfort until rescue is completed

Easy to Deploy and Use

  • Pull tab to deploy
  • Insert foot into loop step and adjust
  • Ability to stand allowing improved circulation
  • Two Relief Steps provide added support, balance and comfort

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