Winter Fall Prevention

It’s the time of year to start planning ahead for winter fall prevention & safety.  Think of it like this, when snow falls, so can people.  The largest hazard of winter is the possibility of falls because of ice or snow.  These falls can cause serious injuries like broken bones, serious head injuries and lacerations.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for winter:

  • In the event that bad weather is coming, make necessary arrangements ahead of time to minimize your need to be out in the inclement weather.  In the event that you do need to go out, allow yourself extra time to complete tasks.
  • Be in charge of your safety.  If a sidewalk or entrance looks too dangerous, notify the business or property manager.  They can help eliminate the danger.  Make sure you are properly dressed to be outside and walk in the snow.  This includes coats, hats, cloves and proper foot attire.  Keep in mind you want a shoe or boot with the best traction for walking on ice or snow.  Wearing gloves can help keep your hands free, which might be needed to brace yourself or prevent a fall.
  • Don’t wait for the snow to melt off your driveway or walkway.  The best time to clear the snow is as soon as it falls.  Clearing snow before it has a chance to melt and re-freeze is your best bet against getting an ice covered driveway or sidewalk.  Waiting for it to fully melt can take days or weeks.

Are you looking for more information on how to plan against winter hazards?  Check out this OSHA resource on winter fall safety & winter safety hazards.  As always, if you have any specific fall protection or safety questions, give us a call – we are the fall protection experts.

winter fall prevention