Box Framed Fixed or Adjustable Horizontal Rail Fall Arrest System

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The FlexiGuard™ Boxed Frame Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) provides a convenient means of securing a rigid rail in areas with limited space or inadequate overhead structure. These frames can be custom built to accommodate a specific area or piece of equipment. Permanent mounted and portable systems are available depending on your application needs.

  • Provide effective/economical means of anchoring overhead
  • Ideal in areas with no overhead obstructions or door height restrictions
  • Adjustable using overhead crane, forklift or other powered systems
  • Ideal in areas with overhead obstructions and door height limitations

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  • 8530345 : 14' Anchor Height - 14' Width - 15.5' DUAL Rail Length 
  • 8530361 : 21' Anchor Height - 15' Width - 28' SINGLE Rail Length
  • 8530427 : 30' Anchor Height - 20' Width - 32' DUAL Rail Length