Cable System

The Uniline Horizontal Lifeline System offers both fall arrest and fall restraint capabilities using a stainless steel cable, which is secured to a structure using anchorage fittings. The two wheeled attachment carriages are secured to the system during installation. The carriages roll over the intermediate brackets without interruption to provide a hands-free solution. A complete range of structural end anchors are available to enable the horizontal lifeline system to integrate with the structure.

The Uniline Horizontal Lifeline System consists of a horizontally mounted lifeline that spans the entire work area. The lifeline is fixed at either end to the structure via anchorage connectors. Intermediate brackets help reduce the load and limit cable deflections in the event of a fall. The Uni-8 Overhead Horizontal Lifeline System is ideal for applications that require horizontal mobility such as truck, bus, rail car, and crane rail inspection and maintenance.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Free running attachment carriage ensures complete freedom for user
  • Sealed bearings in the carriage wheels reduce maintenance
  • High tension stainless steel cable can support heavy fall arrest devices
  • Reduced cable deflections make the system suitable for areas with minimal ground clearance
  • In line energy absorbers reduce load transfer to the structure in the event of a fall
  • Available as a single or multi-span horizontal lifeline system
  • Electro-polished components provide long term corrosion resistance
  • Supports multiple workers
  • Complies with all OSHA, MSHA, ANSI fall protection requirements