FPS Authorized Factory Technicians can do your installations - from erecting the vertical support columns, to the laser leveling of the trolley beam assembly.  The FPS Standard Pre-Engineered Fall Protection Systems can be installed by our Authorized Factory Installation crews or are available as a do-it-yourself option.

FPS Standard Pre-Engineered Fall Protection Systems utilize our universal 30” diameter  by 120” deep earthen formed footings.

When utilized with a minimum soils load bearing capacity of 2000psf, the self-contained anchor-bolts are general capable of supporting the loads required by our designs.

NOTE:  Within the Northern reaches of America, additional frost resistance is recommended; customer may increase the depth of the augered hole to accommodate whatever frost depth may be applicable; the final footing design is the responsibility of others.

FPS will provide one of three standard components that may be utilized by the Footing Design Engineer:

  1. FPS pre-manufactured 30" diameter by 120" deep anchor-bolt cage assembly
  2. (8) Bolt Base Plate (to be attached to customer designed Pile Cap)
  3. Mylar anchor-bolt template (to be utilized in setting of customer's anchor bolts)

footing drawing options