We are pleased to announce Diversified Fall Protection has acquired Fall Protection Systems. Our website is going away soon, but you’ll still have access to Fall Protection's industry-leading solutions and experience the same level of customer care and attention to detail. We appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll join us for this next chapter. To learn more about Diversified Fall Protection, visit us at

FPS Authorized Factory Technicians can do your installations - from erecting the vertical support columns, to the laser leveling of the trolley beam assembly.  The FPS Standard Pre-Engineered Fall Protection Systems can be installed by our Authorized Factory Installation crews or are available as a do-it-yourself option.

FPS Standard Pre-Engineered Fall Protection Systems utilize our universal 30” diameter  by 120” deep earthen formed footings.

When utilized with a minimum soils load bearing capacity of 2000psf, the self-contained anchor-bolts are general capable of supporting the loads required by our designs.

NOTE:  Within the Northern reaches of America, additional frost resistance is recommended; customer may increase the depth of the augered hole to accommodate whatever frost depth may be applicable; the final footing design is the responsibility of others.

FPS will provide one of three standard components that may be utilized by the Footing Design Engineer:

  1. FPS pre-manufactured 30" diameter by 120" deep anchor-bolt cage assembly
  2. (8) Bolt Base Plate (to be attached to customer designed Pile Cap)
  3. Mylar anchor-bolt template (to be utilized in setting of customer's anchor bolts)

footing drawing options