Case Studies

Grain Handlers Invest in Worker Safety for Rail Operations
More and more grain handlers have been installing equipment to protect employees who are working 14 feet up atop covered hopper cars from falls. Fall Protection Systems custom designs systems to fit the unique aspects of the job site and the work performed.

Mulitple User Unit - FPS Installs Multi-User System at High Volume Grain Loading Facility
1,000 foot long fall protection system extends the length of approximately 15 railcars and holds up to three workers at once eliminating the need for workers to climb the metal rung ladders installed on covered hopper cars.

Worker Safety - FPS Improves Worker Safety at Grain Elevator with 28 Railcar Load Capacity
FPS engineers and installs a four-person, eight-column system that utilizes a heavy-duty structural steel rail suspended 27 feet over the track that provides roughly 12 feet of clearance between the top of a railcar and the trolley beam.

Rigid vs. Cable - Iowa Cooperative Chooses Rigid Rail System over Cable System
The New Cooperative Inc. chooses a rigid rail fall protection system for its facility that loads 100-car unit trains on a Union Pacific branch line through two separate loading points simultaneously.

Railcar Wash - Frito Lay Uses FPS System for Safe Cleaning of Railcars
Fall Protection Systems Inc. installs fall protection equipment at Frito-Lay Inc.'s 3-million-bushel corn receiving elevator in Gothenburg, Nebraska as part of a "wet cleaning" station for railcars.

FPS Delivers Over a Mile of Rigid Rail Fall Protection For Renewable Energy Group
Fall Protection Systems Inc. completes a project that included over a mile of overhead rigid rail fall protection for Renewable Energy Group.