Canadian Case Study

Don't take our word for it.  Read the below case study from one of our satisfied customers.  Not only do their employee's feel more secure with a rigid rail system, but the company is able to increase productivity with the ability for workers to stay atop of the railcars while they are in motion.

London Agriculture Commodities

LAC Logo Grain Loading Operation Replaced a Cable System with a Rigid Rail System

Rigid Rail LAC

The London Agricultural Commodities Inc. Thamesville location is located in Southwestern Ontario and has a 25 car rail loading siding on the main CP line. LAC Thamesville is a Food Soybean Processing Plant that ships beans on containers. They also receive corn, soybeans and wheat that is loaded onto rail cars for shipments

LAC had an old cable fall arrest system that was outdated and needed to be replaced; the cable system was installed over 25 years ago and had become a safety concern for our company. We looked at different Fall Arrest systems and felt comfortable with Fall Protection Systems due to reviews we received from our parent company Michigan Agricultural Commodities. LAC wanted to stay away from the cable system and go with the track system as we feel there is a chance in the future that the cable systems might be discontinued for safety reasons.  By moving forward with rigid fall protection now, it will save us from reinvesting at a later date to bring our system back to code.

The training video included with the system is excellent and we were able to train our entire staff quickly and ensure their comfort using this system. We have many comments from our staff that they feel more secure with the Rail Fall Protection System vs. our previous Cable System especially because they are able to attach to the system on the ground before climbing to the top of the car.

The added feature of the “Tug & Lock” procedure with Fall Protection Systems has helped our workers increase their efficiency while working on the rail cars.  This procedure is regulatory compliant and allows our workers to remain atop of rail cars while they are in motion.  The worker is able to ride with the car, lock and tread mill in place, or lock and travel beyond the speed of the car.

The service and expertise we received from the Fall Protection Systems staff was above and beyond what we could have expected.  Additionally, one of their Fall Protection Specialists was on site for the installation to ensure their product was installed correctly. After installation, he then returned to the site and followed up to make sure there were no issues with their product.

Overall, we are very pleased with our system and would recommend it to any other company requiring a Fall Protection System.

-- Gord Hyndman, Operations Manager at London Agricultural Commodities

Gerdau Recycling Facility

“While conducting a site safety inspection at one of our locations in Ontario, I was approached by a 3rd party transport carrier who proceeded to tell me that he had just returned to work after a prolonged absence due to a work-related injury. While tarping his load at another company site, he had experienced a free fall of approximately 12 feet to the ground. “As I was tarping my load I slipped off the top of my trailer, fell and suffered several major injuries, but I have to thank your company (Gerdau ) because of the chin strap you required to have on my hard hat. The doctor told me it most likely saved my life.” He explained that as he fell, the chin strap kept his hard hat in place and prevented his head from directly impacting the ground. He stated that “I am very grateful to Gerdau for putting the Fall Arrest system in place as it makes me feel secure when I’m up there tarping my load before heading out on the road. I don’t have to worry about another serious fall injury when I come to Gerdau.” Since incorporating the Fall Protection Systems manufactured by FPS throughout several of the Gerdau U.S. and Canadian Recycling Facilities, statistical data has revealed of the 1,500 recordable uses by our 3rd party transport carriers, we have not experienced a fall resulting from any injury. A true measurable of its safety performance. Another excellent testimony to the Fall Protection Systems we have installed and the implementation of chin straps as part of our PPE Policy across GLN. “

-- Jason Mageau Safety Specialist II Gerdau - Metallics Raw Materials