Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service & Satisfaction Are Key

"FPS has always helped solve various problems for us when I worked at Orica. Their customer service, personal attention to complex issues and prompt response is hard to find in today's age of technology. If you have a fall protection opportunity that needs to be solved and wants a sustainable partner solving those issues, FPS is your company."

-- Chris Cruise, Orica USA, Shepherdsville, KY

An oil terminal facility had existing overhead cable lifelines for a two-track worksite that was not meeting their demands for safe work over railcars. The cable lifeline was inadequately installed around overhead obstructions causing the trolley to get stuck regularly and an inability to maintain proper tension.  These deficiencies slowed down work and exposed workers to unsafe fall distances.

The Fall Protection System team engineered, manufactured, and installed a solution that used the client's existing support columns, minimizing overall project cost. The cable line was replaced with our patented TD3 Truss Overhead Rigid Rail with a galvanized finish to hold up to the outdoor elements for decades of fall protection. 

The project was done incrementally per the client’s request. Replacing one track at a time reduced disruption to their business processes and allowed them to budget their project across multiple fiscal years. The entire project was complete in the two-year timeline requested by the client who had this to share about his experience with FPS:

"FPS came highly recommended by another company located close to us. From the initial contact through the complete installation of the system, the process was logical, smooth, and met my expectations. I was impressed with the professionalism of everyone at FPS, especially the installation crew, who really understood our requirements and made the installation process easy and straight forward without interrupting our workflow. Currently, we are using the system often and are very happy with the results."

A food processing plant needed to protect workers accessing the top of bulk dry hopper cars where they open and close coffin door lids to guide loading of grain & feed via a portable conveyor. Their existing platform lacked safe access and created a leading edge fall hazard. In addition to exposures of 15-foot elevation falls, climbing the narrow rail car ladders put staff at risk of slips and falls. These deficiencies presented catastrophic fall hazards and violated OSHA’s Walking, Working Surfaces standards and guidance from the general duty clause requiring fall protection over rolling stock.

The Fall Protection Systems team engineered, manufactured, and installed an overhead rigid rail system retrofitted to existing overhead concrete precast t-panel roof and provided a safe access solution to that anchorage. The need for customized installation was analyzed by our fall protection specialist who initially surveyed the site. Our fall protection specialist worked with our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams to create a custom bracket attachment fitted to the site’s concrete roof.   This allowed for the installation of overhead rigid rail fall protection, providing the highest level of fall arrest protection to staff working on top of the hopper cars. To ensure safe access to anchor to the overhead rigid rail, FPS provided a hand-railed stairwell including a 500lb load-rated spring platform.  

The increase of efficiency and safety while loading utilizing the updated fall protection equipment was well received. The client and FPS are working together to expand this solution at other facilities.

rail protection

"We were recently awarded a project that required us to unload 5,305 rolls of geotextile materials off of flatbed trucks. The client has a 4' fall protection rule so we spent several weeks researching the best options for abiding by the safety requirement while efficiently unloading materials. We finally settled on the Possum 40 for our fall protection needs. We have been able to unload materials in a much more safe environment than we ever have in the past. The Possum 40 allows us to effortlessly and safely climb to the top of a load and begin rigging for unloading. We have also found that our mechanical services group uses the fall protection system frequently to perform routine maintenance and repairs on equipment. Initially, we were concerned about the investment in such a system for use on a construction site and fear that it was a one project solution. After several months of use, the system has now become the standard for large unloading operations. We have found that there is also high demand for the unit to move on to other projects once we complete our current task. Any project that has large equipment fleets to maintain or large volumes of materials to unload should consider the Possum Fall Protection Systems."

-- General Contractor, Knoxville, TN

Philips Testimonial

"The system is up and running. We had a training class and got 3 people certified. We have currently completed 5 railcar loadings. The guys love the new system. They do not have cables and lanyards around the feet to trip on or over. We are very happy with the SRL going all the way to the ground. Some of our customers require the loaded railcar be covered with a plastic cover. Once installed the cover has to be secured in place using a ladder to access the side of the railcar in order to staple the cover. The fact that they are tied off while going up and down the ladder carrying a pneumatic stapler makes us feel much safer should they fall. We haven't actually measured the time it takes to tie down a railcar but feel we have cut the time required by about 1/3 of what it used to take. They do not have to secure a safety line prior to climbing onto the top of the railcar."

-- Finished Lumber Supplier, Southern GA

Lumber Testimonial

"I am writing to thank you for the prevention of what could have been a serious accident at my plant. We were loading com train, and the weather was very uncooperative. It had been raining all day, with no letup. Since it was raining we had to use our fall protection system. As the day went on, the employee who was opening and closing lids began, naturally, to tire. As he was walking along the top of one car that had open lids, he slipped on the wet dust and water that had accumulated on the top of the car. He did not even make it to his knees before the SRL locked and caught him. This slip could have cost him his life since he was at the end of the car. Without this system, he would have fallen to the ground and potentially underneath the next car.; Again, I want to thank you for your excellent product and the part it played in continuing our terminals 1400+ days without a lost time injury."

-- Food Processing Company, Carrollton MI

"The fall protection system we had installed in our warehouse bays has been such a good investment in the safety of our drivers! We have a lot of incoming tanker loads of materials at our plant by vendors. We have gotten phone calls from several companies thanking us for providing extra safety for their drivers. We had a recent unannounced walk-through audit by OSHA. Fall protection was at the top of their priority list, and the OSHA rep applauded our company for the installation of our fall protection system. After the walk-through, he said, "I'm going to do something that I rarely do! I'm submitting the inspection report stating NO VIOLATIONS!"

-- Brett Admixtures, Albertville, MN


"I want to thank you Bob, for your help and patience as we worked out the details and install of our new fall protection system. I am sure it will provide years of trouble free service and will protect us if we ever need to use it (I hope and pray we do not test it). Your install guys were professional and did an outstanding job. I want to thank your crew again in helping us to go home safely to our loved ones-Ron."

-- Ron Grose, Cargill, Lititz, PA