Construction & PPE

Fall Protection Systems offers only the most reliable equipment to get your construction job finished effectively and safely. Browse the categories of construction-related equipment below and be sure to check out our online store for more product details and specifications.



We offer a variety of harnesses in a multitude of styles and types so that you are sure to find the best fit for the job. Brands we carry include ExoFit™, ExoFit™ Nex, ExoFit™ XP, Delta™, PRO™, and FIRST™. Click on the photo at left to learn more about our harnesses.


Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Horizontal Lifeline Systems are often a good fit for construction industries and environments as they allow the worker to remain mobile. The EZ-Line system, the first horizontal lifeline system on the market, is incredibly easy to set up and dismantle. Within minutes, workers can connect and get to work, completely protected.



Our lanyards expand and retract in response to your movement to reduce trip fall hazards, dragging, and snagging for complete freedom of movement while in use. They feature easy to use hooks on each end. Hooks can be individually selected so that each lanyard is customized to your needs. Each meets or exceeds all industry standards.



Through our online store, we offer a number of roof anchor systems to meet a wide variety of applications and our experienced sales team can help determine the system for your needs.