Custom Access Platforms & Systems

Not every facility is the same and that is why Fall Protection Systems, Inc. offers custom access solutions. We offer many modifications to our access platforms and staircases. Our single and multi-station loading solutions provide any facility with an efficient working access area. We have installed many turnkey rail car, truck, barge, and production line solutions. Our platforms help prevent spills and our tracking gangways make improper spotting a non-issue.

Custom Access Platforms

Platforms offer a secure, quick, and convenient method to reach an elevated work position. Ladders are not always available on trucks or rail cars. When access to these vehicles is required, your employees will need a safe way to get to their destination.

Hybrid Fall Protection

Fall Protection Systems now offers hybrid fall protection. We offer a platform of whatever length you require. Along the top of the platform, sliding gangways allow full access to your truck or rail cars at any position. The support columns for the platform double as footings for our overhead trolley rail fall protection. After installation of your platform, fall protection can be added at anytime as an added feature.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Each of our platforms is individually engineered to our customers' specifications. Whatever height and whatever length you need, we can build it.