Thank you so much for your interest in Fall Protection Systems! 

Fall Protection Systems is 100% committed to safety in the workplace. We are EVERYTHING Fall Protection, providing a complete and customized solution to protect your workers at heights and ensure compliant, reliable, and user-friendly fall protection and prevention. 

Take a look around to learn about our 20 years of experience in fall protection. We are especially proud to have led the industry to the safest and most effective fall protection standard with our patented TD3 truss overhead rigid rail

Our services are truly turnkey, providing you with fall protection specialists who help you identify fall hazards on your worksites, onsite surveys to ensure accurate placement and collection of other critical data, in-house engineers designing your solution, and an experienced installation and inspection team. We also offer the best warranty in the industry: five years on our fabricated steel structures. 

We know you share our commitment to keeping your workers safe on the job and look forward to working with you on ensuring you have the best fall protection system in place.