• Professionally Engineered Solutions
  • Certified Structural Engineers
  • Designed to the highest standards; adhering to all OSHA, ANSI, MSHA, and AFOSH standards
  • Personal attention to detail
  • Advanced 3D modeling and CAD design
  • Custom Design for site specific requirements
  • 100% Turnkey Solutions

Onsite Analysis

FPS' experienced Field Technicians will asses your facility while collecting all data and measurements to ensure accurate price estimates and proper solution selection.  While they are onsite they will identify obstructions or concerns, inspect your current system for compliance, and capture images & video of the site to allow our Engineering Department to better understand your facility and your fall protection requirements.

Engineering Qualifications

FPS' Certified Structural Engineers work solely on Fall Protection Solutions that meet all applicable standards and perform to the FPS Standard for Excellence. 100% Focused to provide the absolute best solutions, with the most user friendly products that are available in the market.  Each project is assigned to a specific designer that will see the project through completion.  They are available to address any questions you have about your system.

3d renderingDrawing and Designing

Our engineers use the most up to date 3D modeling software available to create a full scale replica of your application.  This Enhanced Design Accuracy enables all participants to review the Fall Protection System and readily address any potential issues before they become a reality.

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