Fall Protection Checklist

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  • Have a few minutes?  Take a moment to answer the questions on this fall protection checklist.  We want to make sure you've covered all your bases regarding fall protection.

  • Rooftop Safety

    When working within 6ft of a roof edge, fall protection is required by OSHA.

  • Do you have workers that access the rooftop?
  • Do you have fall protection on access points, roof hatches, and all skylights on the roof?
  • Ladder & Plant Safety

    Per the DOL, falls are the #1 on the job accident and OSHA's top reason for fines.  A fine that is associated with ladders is #7.

  • Are you aware of the new OSHA laws regarding ladder safety and are you compliant with them?
  • Do you have safety gates at the top of all your ladders?
  • Do you have fall protection at the openings of your mezzanines?
  • Loading & Unloading Safety

    OSHA can levy a fine against you if an independent worker climbs/tarps/ties down a load on your property and there is no fall protection in place.

  • Do you load/unload/tarp truck trailers, and do you have fall protection in place?
  • Do you climb and perform tasks on top of railcars and is there fall protection in place?
  • Do you have bent, poorly fitting gangways or safety cages with gaps larger than 18"?
  • General Fall Protection Safety

    Safety increases productivity because injuries are reduced.  Highly ranked companies have the lowest injury & accident rates.  Fall protection yields a great ROI.

  • Do you have any homemade or outdated fall protection systems that need improvement?
  • Have you had your existing fall protection inspected this year?
  • Contact Information

    Now that we know more about your fall protection needs we will be in touch.