Fall Protection Products & Solutions


Installed Systems

All engineered fall protection systems may be customized to fit your site-specific needs and ensuring OSHA & MSHA Compliance. These systems are engineered, manufactured, delivered, and completely installed. For your convenience, we also provided a Fall Protection Safety Training Packet, for full regulatory compliance.


System Components

Every Fall Prevention System is Complete with rails, beams, trusses, trolleys, lifelines, carabiners and harnesses. Additionally, system extensions, safety gates, powered taglines, access systems, and I-Safe products may be added at any time.


Access Systems

We offer a variety of platforms & gangways that allow workers to safely access their working areas. Ladders, staircases, and platforms with one or more gangways are available. These options are both OSHA & MSHA compliant and user-friendly.


Single Column Systems

Single column systems are fully engineered fall protection solutions that are in stock for faster delivery to the customer. Included with the system is the Fall Protection Safety Training Packet, for full regulatory compliance. These systems are available for factory delivery and installation, or as a kit with easy to follow installation instructions.


Portable Fall Protection

Movable fall protection systems that are ideal for temporary fall protection needs. These systems are transportable with the same OSHA & MSHA qualifications as our other fixed systems. Each system comes complete with easy to follow assembly instructions, along with the Fall Protection Safety Training Packet, for full regulatory compliance.



FPS Carries a multitude of rooftop safety solutions that ensure fall protection as well as fall prevention. Guardrails, anchorage points, temporary or permanent, mounted and weighted anchors, roofers kits and UniLine Systems® are all part of our extensive catalog.


Online Store

FPS is one of the few fall protection specialists that allow you to buy fall protection solutions & PPE online. This allows for faster order processing and delivery to the customer. Don't see what you need, request a quote directly from our store.


 Inspection Service  

Inspection Services

We offer a nationwide inspection program for existing fall protection on any site.  Our factory trained technicians will document the condition of your fall protection system per the latest OSHA & MSHA regulations.


New Products and Services

We are constantly working with our engineering team to provide the most up to date innovations in worker safety & regulatory compliance for all industries. Our systems comply with OSHA, MSHA and ANSI Fall Protection Requirements.