Fall Protection Safety Training

It is an OSHA requirement that employers provide fall protection safety training for all workers who may be exposed to fall hazards.  The training must be conducted by a competent person and include information on how to recognize fall hazards, and the procedures to follow in order to minimize them.

Fall Protection Systems has a team of qualified trainers that provide both in-person training sessions or online webinars.  FPS safety training and safety training resources that are available for our customers are credible, accurate, clear and practical.

Lunch & Learn Training   Lunch & Learns are tailored to suit the individual needs of FPS customers.  From OSHA regulations, fall hazard awareness and product specific information, this training is all about addressing the needs of the customer.
Fall Protection Systems Product Usage Training   After a system is installed it is important that all users are trained on proper usage of the system to prevent injury and sustain the life of the system.
Fall Protection Work Plan & Rescue Plan Training   OSHA requires both site-specific Fall Protection Work Plans &  Fall Protection Rescue Plans   These training classes include training on how to complete them in addition to samples and templates.