Fall Protection Systems Inspection Services

Fall Protection Systems inspection services are the most cost-effective programs available.  Our nationwide bundling program reduces mobilization costs that are passed through to our customers.

It is recommended to have your fall protection system inspected by a qualified person annually.  During an inspection, the FPS qualified inspector will:

  • Confirm Torque of Anchor Bolts
  • Verification of Vertical Support Columns Perpendicularity 
  • Verification of Level Trolley Beams 
  • Check/Tighten End Stops, Splice Plates, U-Clamps, Boss Bolts, and Connector Plates
  • Visually Inspect Welds for Integrity
  • Evaluate Trolley(s) and Smooth Traversing Abilities
  • Review Condition of Harnesses and Self Retracting Lifelines (In most cases damaged components can be switched out on-site)

Fall Protection Systems Inspection Video

Dedicated Fall Protection Inspection Department

With a dedicated Fall Protection Systems Inspection department, you can rest assured that your inspection needs will be handled in a timely manner.  To learn more or schedule your fall protection inspection, contact FPS at 833-FPS-INSP (833-377-4677) or fill out this online form.