Get to know overhead fall protection

Overhead rigid rail fall protection systems provide the highest degree of mobility and safety in fall protection. The system is designed to prevent its user from falling a long distance if he/she should slip while traversing along an elevated surface. While the rigid rail system does not prevent falls, when properly used, it limits the distance a user can fall to less than two feet. In an overhead rigid rail fall protection system, a steel track is installed above your walking surface providing continuous lateral coverage along the unprotected area. The components of the system each serve a critical function during fall arrest. 

Get to know overhead fall protection and take a look at the details of each of the components. Replacements can be purchased on our online store


  • fall protection systems trolley
  • fall protection systems carabiner
  • fall protection self retracting lifeline
  • fall protection harness

Take a look at the ease of use and worker mobility while utilizing FPS overhead fall protection systems: