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  • DUNS : 964622273
  • CAGE Code : 6J2Z1
  • NAICS : 332999

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Full service manufacturer and installer of all types of fall arrest systems, including rigid trolley rail fall protection systems, safety cables systems, horizontal lifelines, related accessories, and fall protection access platforms and ramps.

Fall Protection Systems ("FPS") solutions satisfy and exceed all AFOSH and OSHA standards.
FPS originated in the commodities steeped Grain Industries, expanding quickly throughout the 90's, to encompass all industries which required a personal fall arrest system. FPS is the leading manufacturer of rigid Trolley Rail personal fall arrest systems.

FPS engineers and designers only work on designing, customizing, and improving Fall Protection Systems. We have certified structural engineers in house and across the country, ensuring that our products are designed to the highest level of quality.

We have the experience and know how to quickly and properly install a fall protection system. What might take an inexperienced subcontractor weeks to install, we typically complete in one or two days. We know their unique, regulatory-controlled installation requirements, and we anticipate and eliminate potential installation hassles by addressing problems before they happen.

All of our systems are covered under a Full 5 Year Warranty and include User Training and Certification. Included with each Fall Protection System is an instructional video, utilized for initial user training, as well as qualifying for your "Annual OSHA Recertification Tool". Each trainee will receive a convenient pocket size training reference manual. Upon completion of their training session, their signing of the "OSHA-required Instruction Training Log" will fulfill your record keeping requirements. Each of your workers will also receive personal wallet sized "authorized user certification" cards. This package eliminates all concerns regarding OSHA compliance.