Inspection Services

Fall Protection Systems has initiated a Nationwide Inspection Program designed to save you money while providing a thorough evaluation of your fall protection systems. With thousands of systems throughout the US, we have the ability to schedule trips into geographical clusters to save time and minimize economic impact upon everyone. These savings can significantly reduces your costs!

Fall Protection Systems Inspection Video from Fall Protection Systems on Vimeo.

Inspections are performed by our own experienced technicians who come fully equipped to:

  • Confirm Torque of Anchor Bolts
  • Verification of Vertical Support Columns Perpendicularity *
  • Verification of Level Trolley Beams *
  • Check/Tighten End Stops, Splice Plates, U-Clamps, Boss Bolts, and Connector Plates
  • Visually Inspect Welds for Integrity
  • Evaluate Trolley(s) and Smooth Traversing Abilities
  • Review Condition of Harnesses and Self Retracting Lifelines (In most cases damaged components can be switched out on-site)

* Indicates that, if necessary, the technician can/will perform adjustments.

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