Ladder Safety Systems

As mandated by OSHA, employers are now required to install personal fall arrest or ladder safety systems.  This new regulation is mandatory for ladder systems over 24 feet and on replacement ladders & ladder sections.  Fall Protection Systems offers a variety of ladder safety fall protection products.  To learn more about these products, contact a fall protection expert here.


Miller Vi-Go™ Ladder Climbing Safety Systems (Cable)

Vi-Go™ Ladder Climbing Safety Systems provide the ultimate in safety with continuous fall protection when climbing fixed ladders. The systems are available in easy-to-install kits or as a build your own option.

Uninterrupted Fall Protection
Uniquely-designed, patent-pending Vi-Go™ Cable Sleeve automatically bypasses intermediate cable guides, keeping both hands free for climbing; travels smoothly along cable and locks instantly in the event of a fall.

Easy, One-Hand Operation
No pins/chains or external parts to lose or damage.

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Lad-Saf™ for Fixed Ladders

Fixed ladder safety system, galvanized, top bracket with energy absorber, bottom bracket with tensioner, cable lifeline and guide(s), safety sleeve.

  • User installed ladder safety system for fixed ladders
  • Sleeve automatically follows user for hands-free climbing and fall protection
  • Accomodates up to 4 workers at one time
  • Customizable to suit almost any application
  • Extremely rugged and corrosion resistant galvanized construction
  • Built-in energy absorber protects user and structure
  • Bypassable intermediate cable guides - 1 every 25 ft. (7.6 m)
  • Built-in tension indicator assures proper installation
  • Equipped with i-Safe™ and system ID tag

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Miller GlideLoc™ Ladder Climbing System Kits (Rail)

GlideLoc™ Vertical Height Access Ladder System Kits provide an innovative solution for vertical climbing that is easy-to-use, requires minimal maintenance and provides superior safety. The kits are available in aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel construction.

Do It Yourself Kits
All systems are available in easy-to-install kits or can be customized for your application with additional available components.

Hands-Free Fall Protection
Easy-climb system increases user mobility, safety and productivity while ensuring smooth ascending/descending operations for one or multiple workers.

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