Ladder & Vertical Fall Protection

OSHA now requires employers to install ladder or vertical personal fall protection on ladder systems.  This requirement is for ladder systems over 24 feet in height. It is also important to protect workers at the top of the ladder where they access the upper platform or rooftop with a self-closing swing gate and or guardrail.

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Important Considerations

When considering vertical fall protection, this information is required:

  • Type of material the ladder is made of?
  • Rung spacing? Center to center.
  • The shape of rung? Round, Square?
  • The diameter of the round rung, width, and height if rung is tubular?
  • Is rung hollow?
  • The width of Ladder (center of the stringer to center of stringer)? Are the Stringers welded to the tank? Take pics (video) of how stringers are attached.
  • Does current ladder extend above elevated walk surface? If so, how much above the surface of the surface?
  • Is the top of the ladder walkthrough, walkover, or walk around?
  • Does the rope grab need to be detachable?
  • How many users will need to access the system at one given time? Additional shuttle for each user will be needed.
  • Ladder height (distance from the center of bottom rung to the center of top rung)?
  • Type of ladder FP cable required (galvanized or Stainless Steel)?
  • Standard extension at the top of the ladder is 7ft, confirm clearance availability.

To make the process more convenient you can fill out this information online and a dedicated fall protection specialist will contact you.