Application Data

The purpose of our learning center is to provide industry data and information as well as links to other sites that contain critical guidelines and information on fall protection.

Common Application Data

Given that OSHA requires fall protection be provided at elevations of four feet or more in general industry applications, it is critical for businesses utilizing rail cars and trucks in their operations to understand that most equipment in these industries greatly exceed these heights. The following two charts highlight the typical dimensions for different types of rail cars and truck trailers.

Rail Cars - Approx Dimensions L (ft) W (ft) H (ft)
Hopper 65 10 15
Tanker 40-70 10 10-15
Spine - Center Beam 60-73 10 6
Locomotive 20-80 10-12 18-20

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Truck Trailer - Approx Dimensions L (ft) W (ft) H (ft)
Tanker 40-53 9 12
Flat Bed 48,53 9 5
Hopper 40 9 12
Bulk 45-48 9 12

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