1.Who is Fall Protection Systems?

Fall Protection Systems (FPS) is dedicated to providing the safest working environment in all of the America's. Our professional commitment towards "user-friendly, regulatory compliant solutions at an affordable price", makes us the #1 Industry Leader for today's fall hazard solutions.

FPS provides sound solutions specific to each customer's distinct needs as a turnkey provider who values integrity and reliability; from the initial contact through system construction and beyond.

Should you want to learn more about the products and services we offer, check out our website.

2. What is the Lead Generation Incentive Program (LGIP)?

The Lead Generation Incentive Program(LGIP) is designed to monetarily reward partnering companies for submitting leads to FPS that are turned into orders. The program's goal is to provide a competent and professional service resource, such as FPS, to compliment companies like yours that serve similar industries. The end result will be a win - win situation as we partner together to better service our mutual customers.

3. What RESOURCES are available as a LGIP Member?

Below is a listing of the available resources within the website.

We will continue to add new resources to the website content in the future as deteremined by our clients needs. Our Goal is to provide the LGIP Membership with the latest resources to assit them in generating their LEADS.

Markets: Provides four distinct Markets with identifiable INDUSTRIES that you possibly do business with or talk to routinely. In addition, we couple the identifiable INDUSTRIES with several relevant safety hazard photos to aid in your understanding of potential LEADS that create FPS ORDERS.

Lead Submission Form: A simple electronic LEAD SUBMISSION FORM that you complete with relevant contact information.

FAQ's: A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that best answers the WHO , WHAT, WHEN and HOW the LGIP program works. The FAQ's section will address: Introduction to Fall Protection Systems and Our Safety Goal, LGIP Membership Process, Available Resources to Members, Compensation Ranges, a Sample Agreements, Sales Brochure Selling Tools, Example Markets and Industries, Program Limitations, Ease of Lead Submission Process, Electronic Communications Methods and How Compensation Is Administered. The FAQ's section provides various answers to questions surrounding what is required to become a LGIP Member and receive compensation for LEADS that generate into FPS ORDERS.


Downloadable Sample Contract: To initiate membership, you will need to submit a signed agreement by a *"responsible representative" of the COMPANY to FPS. Why? As a participant in the program, a selected COMPANY may acquire certain confidential information of FPS' operations. As such, a selected COMPANY must execute this agreement to protect the confidential information. Additionally, the selected Companies agree that they are acting in the capacity of an independent Contractor and they are in no manner, whatsoever, an employee and/or agent of FPS.

*Definition of a "responsible representative": Someone in authority to execute the contract within the guidelines of the COMPANY'S internal policies and acceptable practices.

General Capabilities Sales Brochure: The sales tool is a single sided, one page download and print sales brochure. As a LGIP member, you can present the Sales Brochure directly to your customer to engage in general discussion to determine if he has a fall hazard to be addressed. The Brochure provides a general outline of FPS capabilities; photos of a broad range of fall hazard solutions within the Four potential Markets linked to recognizable potential safety solutions. The ultimate goal of the sales tool is to stimulate discussion with your customer as to a possible LEAD you can generate as a LGIP Member.

How To Avoid Excessive Printing Cost:
Print several copies of the Sales Brochures on heavy matted paper for proper sales presentation. The Sales Brochure is in PDF. format and can be downloaded into your SMART PHONE. At the conclusion of your LGIP presentation to the interested customer, instead of handing off your costly printed Sales Brochure; suggest that you email the Sales Brochure right to his desk with a link to the FPS MAIN WEBSITE www.fallprotectionsystems.com should they want to learn more about the products and services FPS offers. This SALES TIP will reduce your printing cost and avoid potential customer misplacement. Keep in mind, we will be calling him very soon to address his safety concerns once you submit the lead.

OSHA Basic Guideline Fall Protection: Provides a brief explanation as to why Fall Protection is important. In addition, the link connects you to a brief interpretation of the OSHA Standard when working over dangerous equipment or machinery in an elevated or non elevated condition.

Contact Us: The link takes you to the Contact Us electronic communication form should you have a question regarding the LGIP Program that is not covered in the FAQ's. Should you need to speak to someone in greater detail about the LGIP Program, simply use the electronic communication form to submit your request. We will have one of our knowledgeable FPS representatives contact you to discuss your specific questions.

4. Does is cost anything for my COMPANY to become a LGIP Member?

There are NO fees to become a LGIP Member. However, there is an opportunity to earn compensation.

5. Can members of our staff become a LGIP Member?

Yes. Once the COMPANY becomes a member, the COMPANY'S EMPLOYEES are also Members. There may be a scenario where MULTIPLE EMPLOYEES such as a SALES TEAM within the COMPANY who see value in such an incentive program. The COMPANY may dictate who is and who is not eligible.

6. How much does the LGIP Program compensate the COMPANY?

The COMPANY is compensated based on the size of the ORDER. Below is the compensation structure:

A. Two-hundred fifty dollars ($250) will be paid to the COMPANY upon the placement of a qualified FPS ORDER of value between ten thousand and twenty thousand dollars ($10,000 - $20,000)

B. Five-hundred dollars ($500) will be paid to the COMPANY upon the placement of a qualified FPS ORDER of value between twenty thousand and seventy-five thousand dollars ($20,000 - $75,000)

C. One thousand dollars ($1,000) will be paid to the COMPANY upon the placement of a qualified FPS ORDER of value between seventy-five thousand and three hundred thousand dollars ($75,000 - $300,000).

D. ORDERS that exceed $300,000 will be compensated a percentage of the sale to be determined by FPS.

7. How can my COMPANY become a LGIP Member?

You will need to download the Sample Contract from the website, sign and mail the hard copy of theLGIP Contract to the attention of LGIP Administrator at the below address:

Fall Protection Systems
224 N Highway 67, #193
Florissant, MO. 63031
Attn: LGIP Administrator

Should you have any questions regarding membership or how to finalize the LGIP Contract, we would be happy to assist. Simply click on the CONTACT US section of the website and send us an email to let us know you need assistance on this subject. We will have one of our knowledgeable FPS representatives contact you to discuss how to finalize your LGIP Membership.

8. How do LGIP Members submit LEADS?

The process is painless. LGIP Members submit their LEADS electronically from the LGIP website. Simply click on the LEAD SUBMISSION LINK to enter the required information and click SUBMIT.

9. What technical information is required for a LEAD submittal?

No in-depth technical information is required in the LEAD submittal. You and the customer identity a minimum of one Market from the Four listed below that best describes your customers Market for a possible solution to the safety hazard application.

1. Rail Unloading/Loading
2. Truck Unloading/Loading
3. Transportation
4. Industrial
5. Other

Should you have questions as to what these Four Markets represent, we provide example industries and photos within the Markets section of the website.

These Four Markets are listed within the Lead Submittal Form as a drop down menu that best describes our mutual customers Market Application. Once the LEAD is electronically submitted, we will do the rest. We will contact the customer and review the detailed technical aspects of the application(s) within one of the Four Markets you and your customer selected that best explains their safety need. We do have a SUBMIT MORE DETAILS BOX should you want to expand the technical description of the safety hazard. The application detail is not a submittal requirement, but should you want to elaborate more about the application, we welcome the information.

10. What commitment do I need to obtain from my customer to have a FPS Application Specialist contact my customer?

The only commitment you need from your customer is a verbal agreement to allow a FPS Applications Specialist to contact him/her to asses their fall hazard application(s). There is no commitment from your customer to buy anything from FPS. All we want is an opportunity to call and asses your customer on a potential LEAD that may generate a formal Quote that leads to an Order. In return, we will provide COMPENSATION to you as a LGIP Member as it relates to the compensation guidelines as outlined in the LGIP Sample Contract.

11. Are there any limitations to the LGIP Program?

There are three limitations to the Lead Generation Incentive Program (LGIP). Should any one of the three listed below apply; we will notify you by email.
A. The LEAD cannot already be an Open Quote or Project that is under development by FPS. Once we contact the Customer and establish an engineered safety solution scope of work, we will cross check the LEAD scope of work against our Open Quote or Projects under development filings.

B. The LEAD must meet the Quote minimum to reach the potential ORDER amount of $9,999.00 as defined in the COMPENSATION portion of the LGIP Program. The LEAD will be price quantified upon completion of the defined safety solution scope of work by our highly qualified FPS Application Specialist. Should the LEAD not meet the initial minimum dollar value but increase in value to satisfy the minimum as a result of scope of work changes at some point after the initial formal Quote submittal; it will register against your LGIP Membership account as satisfying the minimum when the ORDER is placed.

C. The LEAD does not yield a suitable solution FPS can provide for the customer.

12. How quickly will someone from FPS contact the customer?

Rest assured that your customer will receive prompt and courteous attention. Once the LEAD is submitted, one of our professionally trained Application Specialist will contact your customer within 48 hours. Our Application Specialists have many years of experience in defining safety solutions from the vast array of product selections we offer at FPS. At FPS we value integrity and reliability; from the initial contact through system construction and beyond.

13. How will I know that my LEAD generated a qualified QUOTE?

Once we obtain COMPANY information that the application qualifies under the rules of the LGIP Program, we will immediately send a return email to the LGIP Member identified on the Lead Submission Form (link). Should the LEAD not qualify under the rules of the program, we will submit a disqualification email to the LGIP member as identified on the Lead Submission Form. The email will identify one of the three limitations of the program as noted below. See FAQ #11 for a more detailed explanation.

A. Existing FPS Quote or Project Under Development.
B. Did not meet minimum LGIP Program dollar value of $9,999.00.
C. The LEAD does not yield a suitable solution we can provide for the customer.

14. How long does it take for a QUOTE to generate an ORDER?

This timeline varies based on the customers' available funding, approval process and commitment to move forward to accept our QUOTE. The process can vary from days, weeks to possibly several months.

15. When will I know that my LEAD generated an ORDER?

Once the ORDER is received from the customer and qualified by FPS, we will send you an email letting you know that a check will be mailed to your COMPANY within a couple weeks. It will be the responsibility of the COMPANY to administer as they see fit.

16. What if I have more questions about the program not addressed in the FAQ's section of the website?

We would be happy to address any questions you might have regarding the program. Simply click on the CONTACT US section within the website and send us your question(s) regarding the Lead Generation Program (LGIP). We will have one of our knowledgeable FPS representatives contact you to discuss your specific questions.