Material & Handling

Material & handling fall protection is available in many forms with a variety of products.  Fall Protection Systems offers many fall protection solutions in cases where fall hazards cannot be eliminated. Options include passive fall protection as well as active fall protection products.

 Passive Fall Protection


Active Fall Protection


Stationary fall protection that does not move or change while in use and protects multiple workers at a time and can cover a large area.

  • Guardrails & Safety Gates
  • Safety Nets
  • Safety Monitors
  • Barricades


Fall protection that directly involves the worker with a connection to an anchorage point with a connector from a full body harness.

  • Life-Lines
  • Work Positioning
  • Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection
  • Personal Fall Arrest Equipment

Contact our fall protection experts to learn more about which of our products best meets the needs of your application.