The mining industry involves more than just the actual extraction of materials, it includes transporting those precious materials to markets where they can be refined and sold. Our fall arrest systems will protect your workers every step of the process.



Fall Protection Systems has the experience and the knowledge to provide permanent coverage over your facility's track. The loading of rail cars is a hazardous operation and your workers are at risk unless they have a form of protection against accidental falls. A genuine Fall Protection Systems installation will give your workers the peace of mind to work with the confidence of complete protection. When your workers are opening hatches and avoiding load spouts, our systems will prevent unnecessary slip or fall injuries and save you money on insurance costs and lost work time.

Sometimes your employees have to do their jobs on a moving train. This is an extremely unstable working condition conducive to slips and falls. This is why it is absolutely necessary to provide your workers with fall protection. Our trolley rail style of fall protection is best suited for this type of situation. By holding the lifeline of our system while working, balance and stability is greatly improved. Not only that, any slips or falls will be arrested before your worker can fall to his or her knees.



Barge loading and unloading sites are typically riverfront locations with dock accessing facilities. Overhead fall protection is the most effective means to protect barge service personnel from falls both into the barge's cargo hold as well as falls into the water.

Worker safety is a primary concern at barge service sites. Personnel who have access to and work on river barges are regularly subjected to significant fall hazards. Frigid water temperatures, rapid river, and undertow currents can carry a victim away so quickly that rescue teams have difficulty obtaining and mobilizing a rescue effort. Life jackets alone cannot be expected to protect a victim from these extreme conditions. Many barge loading companies we have consulted with have told us their primary concern focuses on terminating falls into water.

Falls into an open compartment are often an underestimated occurrence. A fall 15-20 feet into an empty cargo hold or a powder or granular material can easily make for a tragic outcome. An overhead mounted fall tethering system can prevent such accidents from occurring.