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MSHA's Safety Targets Program Fall Protection Safety Awareness

MSHA reports that slips and falls are a major cause of accidents in the mining industry. From 2000 to 2008, accidents involving slips and falls and falls from elevation have resulted in seventy-three fatalities. An alarming statistic is that of the seventy-three fatalities, fifty-two were related to the failure to properly tie-off or to tie-off in combination with other fall prevention measures. In this same time period, there have been 18,577 NFDL slip and fall accidents in the mining industry. This equates to an average of over 2100 slip and fall accidents per year in the mining industry. These statistics are a strong indication that persons working at mines are not receiving proper training in fall prevention and protection and specifically in the use of personal fall arrest equipment. MSHA emphasizes that miners must be properly trained to recognize fall hazards, evaluate the risks associated with each hazard, and to control fall hazards through preventative or protective measures.

Fall hazard issues in the mining industry include the following:

  • Not properly tying-off /improper use of fall protection equipment
  • Barriers, guardrails, floor penetration covers, signs, handrail, platforms
  • Plant equipment access
  • Unsecured/inadequate/obstructed travel ways or walkways
  • Miners engulfed by materials in bins/hoppers
  • Tanker truck accessibility
  • Haul truck accessibility checking loads/tarping
  • Ladder use
  • Falls into water i.e. dredges/impoundments
  • Falls from roofs including falls through skylights
  • Mobile equipment ingress/egress
  • Man lifts and boom trucks
  • Highwalls

MSHA strongly encourages mine operators and contractors to work closely with their employees to identify fall hazards, raise awareness and jointly develop comprehensive fall protection programs to eliminate fall hazards or provide appropriate protection against them.

For more information, please visit the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) page on Safety Targets Program.

Mining Solutions from Fall Protection Systems

portable fall protectionThe Portable

A portable skid-mounted fall protection system provides a practical solution to protect miners while servicing and maintaining mobile and stationary equipment. Systems is designed to be towed or carried to provide quick and safe fall protection wherever needed.

"The Portable" may be moved in minutes to wherever it's needed to protect your workers while working at dangerous heights.

telescoping fall protectionTelescoping

The Portable Telescoping Skid-Mounted Fall Protection System provides an inexpensive solution to fall protection needs for many locations such as mines, quarries, or any area that requires temporary fall protection and or has varying heights.

  • Telescoping from 14' to 24'
  • Built-in forklift pockets
  • Designed for 2 simultaneous users
  • Includes complete user set (trolley, carabiner, self-retracting lifeline, & safety harness)