Over A Mile Of Rigid Rail

FPS Delivers Over a Mile of Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

This case study highlights a recent job by FPS that included the engineering, manufacturing and installation of over a mile of overhead rigid rail fall protection.

Renewable Energy Group (REG) in Hoquiam, Washington identified a need of overhead fall protection for the bio-diesel plant’s trans-loading terminal.  REG Grays Harbor is a 100 million gallon per year biodiesel production facility with a priority on safety.  This project was an example of REG taking proactive approach to employee safety.

The rail area that required coverage was for 5 lines that spans over 4,000 feet of track.  For an application of this magnitude REG needed an expert in fall protection that could provide a full turnkey service.  Fall Protection Systems was contacted for a full site analysis.

At no charge to the customer, a FPS Safety technician FPS confirmed that a unique footing design would be required.  The traditional footing designs would be cost prohibitive for a project of this magnitude and not the best option for the customer.  Additionally, the line spacing presented obstacles for installation machinery that would be disruptive to production.

As a full service turnkey provider, FPS was able to address these unique challenges by modifying the footing designs of the fall protection system to meet the needs of the customer.  Helical screw pile concrete pile cap footings were the best option for this application.  Utilizing this alternative footing technique was a more cost effective solution.

Further savings were found for the customer by utilizing local FPS Certified installers for the footings and the erection of the system.  By working with local installers the mobilization savings was then shared with Renewable Energy Group.

The completed system for REG consisted of 24 pad footings installed with 8 helical piles per footing to support 4,288 feet of overhead TD3 rigid rail truss on 12 N-Style support columns.

Customer service and safety are both high priorities for Fall Protection Systems.  The custom engineered solution by FPS enabled an OSHA compliant, cost effective & on-time/on-budget solution for REG’s regulatory compliance needs.

Renewable Energy Group had this to say about our employees during the installation of the overhead system:

The project required significant coordination, cooperation and effort by FPS, their sub-contractors and the REG Grays Harbor team to safely complete the project while managing operational demands and rail and truck logistics.  We felt that FPS approached the project with expertise and worker safety as a priority.  

Here are more photos of the job in progress.