Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Overhead rigid rail fall protection systems provide the highest degree of mobility and safety in fall protection.  The open track system is specifically engineered for ease of use and efficiency.

Key Performance Features of Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

  • Continuous lateral fall protection coverage along the full length of the system
  • Reduced chances of a swing fall while working at elevated surfaces
  • Total maximum fall distance of fewer than two feet
  • Versatile selection of both permanent and portable fall protection
  • Larger spans in foundational supports compared to cable lifeline systems
  • Easy and quick connection for workers
  • Can support multiple users simultaneously

Fall Arrest Equipment from Fall Protection Systems on Vimeo.

Types of Rigid Rail Fall Protection

TD3 Triangular Truss This FPS patented truss style beam offers the greatest fall protection span in the industry, minimizing the required footprint and impact to operations.
S6 Beam An economical and versatile way to provide fall protection where overhead clearance is limited and typically used for interior systems.
Fold Away Systems This system is ideal for facilities that require a solution that can fold out of the way of machinery or overhead cranes.
Ceiling Mounted Enclosed Track This enclosed track system mounts directly to the ceiling and does not require foundational support and is best used in a tall ceiling environment.
Swing Arm Freestanding or column mounted swing arm systems provide circular coverage areas for small to medium sized work areas.
Traveling Bridge Ideal for large maintenance applications such as aviation hangers.  The traveling bridge reduces the chance of swing falls by keeping the attachment point over the workers head.