Portable Fall Protection Kits


Portable Skid Mounted

Portable Skid Mounted System

The Portable Skid-Mounted Fall Protection Systems provides an inexpensive solution to fall protection needs for many locations such as mines, quarries, or any areas that require temporary fall protection.

Miller SkyORB

The Miller SkyORB Overhead Rotational Boom Anchor provides a safe overhead anchorage that is designed specifically for use around vehicles, utilizing the vehicle weight to secure the anchor for proper fall arrest, eliminating the need for heavy and bulky counter weights. The SkyORB Anchor is a pre-engineered system that replaces the need for very expensive, custom engineered, fixed overhead anchor systems.

A Frame

A Frame Fixed or Adjustable Horizontal Rail System

FlexiGuard™ A-Frame Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) provides a secure anchor point, in a portable structure, for increased worker mobility and protection.

C Frame

C-Framed Fixed or Adjustable Horizontal Rail System

The C-Frame System is a versatile fall arrest solution for working at heights. It is designed to be moved manually or with the use of a tow bar and service vehicle, and will require some clearance under the equipment being accessed to accommodate outrigger support legs.

Box Framed

Box Framed Fixed or Adjustable Horizontal Rail System

The FlexiGuard™ Boxed-Frame Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) provides a convenient means of securing a rigid rail in areas with limited space or inadequate overhead structure.

Hitch Mounted System

Hitch Mounted Anchor System

The Ranger Mobile Anchor represents complete flexibility in fall arrest anchors.

The design allows for quick attachment to forklift truck, or related towing devices and unit may be maneuvered so that the anchorage point is directly above the user as work is performed. Used in conjunction with a full body harness and retractable lanyard, the Ranger Mobile Anchor provides a complete fall arrest system "on the go."

Flexiguard EMU Adjustable Height Jib

The FlexiGuard™ EMU™ Engineered Modular Unit is designed for easy adjustment and maximizing flexibility without sacrificing safety. The lightweight system allows for easy mobility around the jobsite with a pallet jack or forklift. With three adjustable height models and one fixed height version plus three mounting options, there is a configuration to fit virtually any need. All systems are rated for one person use and provide 360° mobility within the safe working radius from the Glide 360 Rail anchor point.