Portable System Fall Protection

Portable System Fall Protection Product Solutions

TRANSPORTABLE FALL PROTECTION SYSTEM The Portable Skid-Mounted Fall Protection System provides a cost effective solution to fall protection needs for many locations such as mines, quarries, or any areas that require temporary fall protection.

Portable System Fall Protection          

Portable Series Fall Protection Systems

  • 20' - 40' - 60' Coverage Options
  • Full System Components
  • Professionally Engineered with PE Sealed drawings
  • Built In Fork Pockets
  • All Bolt Up Connections
  • Step by Step Easy Installation Instructions
  • Complete Training Materials
  • 5 Year Full Warranty
  • 1 Complete User Set (includes: Trolley, Carabiner, Self-Retracting Lifeline, & Safety Harness)
  • Rated for 2 Simultaneous Users

The Portable fall protection system was developed by the leading fall protection manufacturer in America with a design so unique it is covered under two US patents (US patentsD440,023 & 6,269,904B1, with a third patent pending), The Portable System equips the popular T3 Integrated Triangular Truss® with builtin fall protection beam on a transportable base. The Portable System may be moved in minutes to wherever it's needed to protect your workers while working at dangerous heights.

The Portable System provides safe, reliable fall protection wherever needed. Portable models include a 500# man-rated trolley with permanently sealed wheel bearings. The system provides safer fall arrest performance with minimal deflection, eliminating secondary fall-related injuries typical with safety cable systems. The Portable System may be carried by forklift to a new location in minutes. (Built-in forklift tubes included.)

Complies with all OHS, OSHA, MSHA and ANSI fall protection requirements

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