Railroad Information & Experience

General Information On Railroad Site Coverage

  • Sites where trains are loaded or unloaded account for such a high percentage of fall related injuries that OSHA and CSA consider them primary target areas for intensified enforcement of laws and regulations. Fall protection is mandatory.
  • Railroad cars can exceed fifteen feet in height, and present a very unstable walking surface.
  • When fast moving trains speed by a parked railroad car on a nearby siding, the rapid air displacement causes a violent wind force. The ground also rumbles violently as tens of thousands of pounds of weight beats down from steel wheels against steel railroad tracks supported by little more than large blocks of wood. Furthermore, as the rushing train rapidly passes by, air is sucked from the surrounding area as the vacuum created by the passing train is replaced from the adjacent area.
  • Standing atop a parked railcar while a train rushes by alongside is a very frightening and extremely dangerous experience. Most workers are quick to drop to their knees or sit down and grab whatever they can to hold on to when they hear another train coming, and they typically stay in that position until the train passes by.

FPS- Rail Road Industry Experience

Fall Protection Systems has always worked closely with all the major North American railroad companies as we developed our state of the art fall protection systems. Most major railroads also have our systems in their own locomotive repair facilities as well, as do most North American railroad car repair facilities. Our relationship with the railroad companies is unparalleled in the fall protection industry, a factor which has helped us with many projects for our mutual customers.

Railroad Industry Regulations Related to Fall Protection

The railroad industry is a heavily regulated industry, following nationally mandated Federal Railroad Administration guidelines which were established to create uniform practices and procedures among the various railroads. Today, with traffic routed freely around the entire national railroad system, railroads regularly follow the uniform national guidelines. Fall Protection Systems has a comprehensive understanding of the FRA guidelines, and our installations are carefully monitored by our knowledgeable staff of engineering experts.