Rail Cars

Fall Protection Systems leads the industry in providing rigid trolley rail style fall protection systems for rail car applications. These systems are the most popular rail coverage systems on the market and widely recognized as the current standard of the industry as no other system delivers a safer fall arrest.

Rigid Trolley Rail Systems by FPS

  • Rail Load/Unload
  • Single and Multi-Car
  • Single and Multi-Track
  • Curved Radius Tracks
  • Hopper, Tanker, Center Beam, etc.
  • Access Systems
  • Indoor Applications
  • Engineered 3D CAD Site Plans
  • OSHA and MSHA Approved
  • Turnkey Installation
  • 100% No Cost Full 5 Year Warranty

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Our site survey technicians are long term employees intimately familiar with the railroad specs, and they also take the time to learn everything they can absorb about your industry as well. We understand the emphasis our customers must place on load out time windows and shuttle train schedules. We are very familiar with hatch opening procedures, car cleaning and prepping procedures, car moving methods and procedures, and loading procedures. We have equipped facilities which load a rail car in two hours, as well as facilities that load rail cars in less than three minutes. We understand and comply with chemical plant site evacuation procedures, local safety rules, and personal protective equipment requirements.

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