Rigid Rail with S-Beam Trolley Features

  • Tug-n-Lock Feature
    For high winds or icy & slippery conditions (we recommend that a worker "tug-n-lock" the overhead Self-Retracting Lifeline and continue holding the lifeline like a subway strap, drawing it along while traversing a slippery vehicle, providing a moving overhead support that will help maintain balance

  • Unlimited length and future expansion capability
    Want to extend the system later? No problem. Inexpensive extensions of any length desired can be added at any time. There is no limit on the total length of this system. We have several multi-user systems in the field that exceed one thousand feet in continuous length. How would you efficiently extend a fixed length wire rope system? Depending on the manufacturer, many single span safety cable systems are limited to maximum lengths of between 120 and 150 feet.

  • Sole Source Responsibility
    Fall Protection Systems engineers, manufactures, and installs most of our systems, eliminating costly middlemen and lowering your cost. In the unlikely situation where anything needs warranty attention, you have but one finger to point and we will respond immediately. No other company in the world installs as many systems as we do, and our experienced award-winning installation service is exceptional.

  • Durability and Reliability
    Without question, Fall Protection Systems manufactures the most durable system in the industry. In fact, nothing else compares. None of our thousands of systems in the field has every needed repairs after a fall arrest! That means unnecessary downtime is eliminated for our customers, and eliminates the high expense that all safety cable customers are required to spend as required by OSHA regulations to re-certify a system after a fall arrest. Our trolley beam systems are so durable, re-certification of the system is not necessary after a fall arrest.

  • Re-certification After A Fall
    Our trolley beam systems are so durable, re-certification is not required after each fall arrest! Fall Protection Systems will ask you to visually look over your system; in our many years of experience no system has ever required rework. Note: The self-retracting lifeline may require re-certification if the red fall indicator has appeared. Consult User Instruction Manual.

  • Five-Year Unlimited Warranty
    Our five year "no strings attached" full warranty is simply the best in the industry! (Refer to warranty.)

  • Low Cost/Affordability
    We proudly lead the fall protection industry in America with our exceptionally high quality products and service, user-friendly performance, and reliability...yet the cost is surprisingly low. We manufacture and install more fall protection systems each year than any other company in America. Our unparalleled value added trolley beam systems are typically priced about the same as comparable flexible lifeline system.

  • Delivery, Terms and Conditions
    From the time of order, we coordinate the installation. FPS' Field Installation Superintendent will assist you in obtaining any permits or variant necessary to complete the installation. Once approval is attained, we typically install our systems within six to eight weeks, Start-Finish.

  • Free User Training and Certification
    Free User Training and Certification are included with your system. We provide an instructional video tape for annual re-certification for your workers as required by OSHA regulations. We also provide convenient pocket-sized training manuals, and OSHA-required instructional training logs to record training dates. Each of your workers will also receive personal wallet sized "authorized user certification" cards. This package eliminates all concerns regarding OSHA compliance.