Fall ProtectionRoof Edge Guardrail System

Rooftop edges are dangerous!

Every year in America, thousands of falls result in countless thousands of painful and costly disabling injuries, as well as several hundred unnecessary deaths. OSHA has responded to these preventable injuries with regulations designed to reduce the unreasonably high accident incidence rate. Through workplace studies, FPS delivers a simple, cost-effective solution with the "KeeGuard" Roof Edge Guardrail System.

The KeeGuard Roof Edge Guardrail System

The KeeGuard Roof Edge Guardrail System is safe and offers a self-supported and freestanding fall safety system that, if properly installed, won't damage your roof. KeeGuard protects your rooftop perimeter while standing firm on durable rubber footpads, which, regardless of your roofing membrane material, should not cause unnecessary concern over warranty issues or leakage.

Assembly and installation of this fall protection guardrail system are incredibly fast and easy, with an average typical installation rate for two workers of approximately 300 linear feet of KeeGuard system per eight-hour shift!

Corners may be attached to an existing structure where available.

Long runs of Guardrails may be easily installed at a low cost.

Is It Safe?

fall protection rooftop guardrail

Safety in the forms of Fall Protection and Prevention Systems are our only business, and KeeGuard delivers exceptional safety! Because OSHA, by government charter, is not authorized to approve and certify any particular type of safety equipment, this system has been thoroughly tested and approved by a nationally recognized independent product safety testing agency. Fall Protection Systems, Inc. further guarantees that KeeGuard meets or exceeds the requirements of every applicable OSHA requirement under Standard 29 CFR 1910.23 in effect at the time of manufacture.

Where Should I Use KeeGuard?

While traversing the typical manufacturing plant or warehouse roof, workers are exposed to falls from significant height. Flat roofs, which include roofs with rainwater runoff roof pitches of up to 3 degrees, may be covered by a versatile KeeGuard Roof Edge Guardrail System, regardless of whether they are rectangular in shape, radiused, circular, and even multi-leveled. Because the KeeGuard Roof Edge Guardrail System is similar in practice to an erector set, you can add, delete, or move the system very quickly, with minimal effort.

KeeGuard is Flexible, yet Durable


KeeGuard Components are Durable, Reliable, and Corrosion Resistant:

  • All the necessary parts are supplied in Kit Form, ready for assembly.
  • All pipes are 1.5" Schedule 40, Galvanized to ASTM A53.
  • All Fittings are made of Heavy Walled Cast Iron, Galvanized to ASTM A153.
  • Steel Grubs Screws are hardened steel and include a Rust-Resistant Dip-Coating.
  • Foot Pads are Molded Natural Rubber.
  • All exposed edges are Radiused.

Designing For KeeGuard Is Easy

We use a state-of-the-art computerized design system to layout your KeeGuard System, yet all we need from you is a simple sketch of the surface to be covered. We can prepare a quotation from your sketch. Every Fitting, Pipe Section, Baseplate, Adjustable Angle Fitting, D-Return, End Cap, Mounting Flange, and Counterbalance Weight are accounted for simultaneously as the engineering program designs your system and produces a detailed list of components.

Notice the difference in the number of counterbalance weights in the picture at right. The weights are "stacked" as necessary to create a strong system. Straight run end columns require 5 each 34# (15.5 Kg) weights. Adjacent columns are supported by 3 weights. Midspan columns require only one weight for every six and a half feet (2 meters).

roof top safety rail
Air conditioner service work is easily protected by a KeeGuard system.

Installation Simplicity

The KeeGuard Guardrails may be erected to stand straight up (perpendicular) on the rooftop or may be adjusted to incline back toward the protected surface with a closed angle of up to eleven degrees. Proper installation requires a small torque wrench set at 29 ft/lbs (39Nm) with a 5/16" Allen Male Key Socket. A hacksaw is all you will need if pipe lengths need shortening as the system is being assembled.

KeeGuard components are shipped to you directly from our warehouse in palletized, weight-controlled loads. The pallets are typically light enough (under 1,000#) to be deposited on the rooftop for easy transfer to the assembly worksite. The heaviest individual components in the system that the assemblers will handle are the Counterbalance Weights, which weigh only 34# (15Kg) apiece.

Skylight Protection Options are Available

roof skylight protection options roof sky light protection