Rooftop Anchor Points

Anchor points are a key component to rooftop fall protection.  They are used to connect users to the roof via lanyard, lifelines, or other types of tie offs.  A roof anchor can be simple or complex based upon the type of rooftop and area of coverage needed.

Portable Weight Anchors

A deadweight anchor device can be used of rooftops with up to 5 degrees of pitch.  They are quick to assemble and feature a central attachment point that raises the height of where the arresting force is applied.

It is best used in temporary situations, where it is preferable to not penetrate the rooftop surface.

Single Point Anchorage

A single point roof anchor can be installed and adapts to a wide variety of roof designs such as standing seam, membrane/built up, metal sheathing, concrete, and wood.  The base plate is designed for a quick and easy installation with no roof surface penetration.

In the event of a fall, forces are reduced by an energy absorbing design keeping the worker secured to the structure.