Rooftop Fall Protection Checklist

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  • Are you in need of rooftop fall protection?  Use our quick checklist to help identify what type of fall protection is best suited for your rooftop.

  • What type of rooftop fall protection are you interested in?
  • What is the external roofing material?
  • Are there any roofs with a slope over 5 degrees?
  • Does the roof have a parapet?
  • How many roof levels are there?
  • What type of work is performed on the rooftop?
  • Is there a preferred fall protection method?
  • How many users need to be protected on the rooftop at the same time?
  • What is your timeline for completed rooftop fall protection?
  • Are you interested in a complete turn-key project that includes materials, drawings, and installation?
    • Contact Information

      We will be in touch to discuss your rooftop fall protection needs and solutions.