Single Point System

Fall Protection Systems can install all types of single point systems to ensure worker safety compliance.

D-Ring Anchorage Plate

The D-ring anchorage plate is bolted or welded to a structure offering a compact and durable connection point for all fall protection systems. The alloy steel 360-degree swivel D-ring provides ultimate freedom when connected to a lanyard or other attachments. The D-ring anchorage site is designed for fall protection, restraint, work positioning, personal riding, and more.

  • Two ½" diameter attachment holes
  • Cadmium plated steel D-ring
  • 304 stainless steel anchorage plate
  • Plate size: ¼" x 2" x 4-½"

Single Point D-Ring Systems Installed by FPS

Concrete Anchors

These are durable and abrasive resistant portable and permanent anchors. They are specifically designed for attachment to concrete structures including walls, floors, decks, and columns. The concrete anchors are a versatile, simple, and safe anchor. Pre-installed sockets enable the user to connect and disconnect from the anchorage by simply pressing a button.

 Concrete Anchors
  • Provides convenient tie-off points wherever needed
  • Socket includes cover cap to hide recess
  • Push-button operation for efficient operation


The concrete anchors are also available in the D-ring design:

 Concrete D-Ring
  • Reusable D-ring assembly
  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • Safe "hook-up" indicator notifies operator of proper installation
  • Install into 11/16", 18mm, or ¾" holes
  • Only standard drill bits needed