Swing Away-Fold Away Fall Protection

Swing Away Motorized Systems

Our Swing Away systems are designed to work in both open air environments and small, confined areas where space is at a premium. When needed, the system will “swing away” from the wall to a pre-designated position with the push of a button. When not in use, the system will retract to within a few feet of its supports. Swing Away systems can be attached to your existing building structure, or new supports can be installed.

Common Applications
  • Under Bridge Cranes
  • Over Truck
  • Rail Load Out Bays
  • Over Heavy Machinery
  • Maintenance Areas
Swing Away

These systems are especially useful when overhead bridge cranes are in use. In the retracted position, the Swing Away system will not interfere with the operation of the crane. When needed, the Swing Away system will quickly move into place to fully protect workers. When the task is completed, the system will retract to the stored position, allowing the bridge crane full access to the area.

Custom Swing Away

Custom Solutions

Each of our Swing Away systems is designed specifically to meet the operational needs of your company, facility, and workers. This can be accomplished by adjusting system height, length, size, even the frequency of the mounting points.

Utilizing the specific layout of your facility gathered by our site survey technicians, our engineers will design your system around existing features. Since all of our fall protection systems are customizable in this way, your facility downtime will be reduced during installation.Custom Swing Away

Additional Fall Protection can be added at any time by installing new systems. In some circumstances, it is even possible to add an extension to an existing Swing Away system.