System Components

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The man-rated trolleys provide continuous horizontal mobility on an overhead Trolley Rail Fall Protection System!

Self Retracting Lifeline  

Self Retracting Lifelines

These lifelines extend and retract enabling the user to move around within a desired working area at normal speeds.

Fall Protection Harness  

Fall Protection Harnesses

We offer a variety of comfortable harnesses for any job requiring fall protection equipment.

"How to Fit Your Harness" is included: Fall Protection Safety Training Packet

Truss Beam  

Truss - Beam - Cable

Either a beam, beam on a truss, cable or a single Anchorage point is needed in every fall protection system.


Other Components

Accessories and other necessary components that enable a Fall Protection System to function.

Shocked Lifeline  

Lifeline Recertification's

Recertification Program is available as a cost effective solution for shocked/damaged Self Retracting Lifelines

Red Indicator when SRL has been "shocked"; replacement necessary!